Property Management

Houses are probably the most valuable asset that any of us own, but it is interesting to note that although people spend considerable time and money keeping their cars fully maintained along with being clean and shiny, the same can not be said about their houses.

There is that misconception that once built, houses just look after themselves, when that is far from the case. Houses are a bit like boats, when they are not used and maintained, they break down and the repair bill is way larger than it would have been with regular ongoing maintenance.

On Waiheke where the weather is tough on properties, and the air is full of salt spray, houses break down, and should be regularly maintained along with such things as the annual wash down of the building, gutters cleared and cleaned, water tanks cleaned.

At Waiheke Property Services, we have a full team of professional, fully qualified and competent trades people, who have been with us for many years. Our team are all experts at their trade, reliable, and complete the job on or before time. So you can be assured that any work that may need to be carried out will be done at the right price and in a professional manner. Something you can’t always rely on, being on Waiheke.

We have our properties on an annual Warrant of Fitness, so that it is always in perfect shape and working condition.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you, and arrange a tailor made Management program structured specifically for your property.

We are able to service all properties located on Waiheke Island and would love to hear from you!

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